Monday, September 10, 2012

Malinka's First Play Date

On Sunday, Malinka had his first play date with Lucie at Auntie Lynn's.  Both played hard chasing each other around - i think there was a little love connection going on.


Siam Tulip/Ginger
   PLANTS can help remove indoor pollutants and have other health benefits:

   1- Plants can help fight colds by increasing humidity levels & decreasing dust.
   2- Plants can remove airborne contaminants that cause headaches, nausea, runny noses & sneezing.
   3- Plants can make you Happy :)  Studies show that patients who face a garden view in their     hospital rooms often recover more qucikly than those facing a wall.
   4- Plants can decrease your blood pressure - people with plants in their homes have less stress.
   5- Plants can reduce carbon dioxide by drawing carbon dioxide from the air thru photosynthesis; removing this substance can help prevent drowsiness and increase concentration levels.
   6- Plants can remove airborne chemicals from cigarettes.  PEACE LILY is a good choice.

Plants that do well in low-lighting indoor environments:
   Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Rubber Plant, Dracena Janet Craig, Bamboo Palm and Corn Plant.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


~ Malinka's first swim in the pool ~
~ Tasting the pool water ~ 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Malinka is now 4 months old in this picture and not quite 4 lbs yet. He loves to tease his "KeKe's" - they are patiently waiting for me to feed them.


New Addition to the family ~ Malinka.  He is a 3-month old merle pomeranian ~ weighs about 3 lbs.  Picked him up at the beginning of July.  Sooooooooo Cute!!!
sleepy baby

Monday, June 11, 2012

Morning Swimmers

 Sitting outside by my pool early sunday morning, I noticed something jump in.  As I went to investigate, it was 2 frogs....a smaller frog on top of the bigger green frog.  Then they started shooting out black eggs; not sure if you can see them to clearly in the 2nd picture; but there was hundreds of eggs.  Of course, the eggs did not survive in the pool with the pool pump running.

Baby Mockingbirds

two babies

mother marc

securing the tree

Working in the yard, we cut down a small tree; but then noted a bird with a worm in her mouth flying around frantically.  I ran down to the road, where my son placed the tree.  I found a nest with 2 baby birds.  With no other trees in the front yard; we secured the tree against the garage and placed the babies back in their nest.  Both mother and father mockingbird were happy and happy to dive  bomb us whenever we went near the tree again.  Three days later, we saw the babies perched on the branches and now they are gone.....flew the nest.  Now if I can get my  son to fly from the nest.