Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby Mockingbirds

two babies

mother marc

securing the tree

Working in the yard, we cut down a small tree; but then noted a bird with a worm in her mouth flying around frantically.  I ran down to the road, where my son placed the tree.  I found a nest with 2 baby birds.  With no other trees in the front yard; we secured the tree against the garage and placed the babies back in their nest.  Both mother and father mockingbird were happy and happy to dive  bomb us whenever we went near the tree again.  Three days later, we saw the babies perched on the branches and now they are gone.....flew the nest.  Now if I can get my  son to fly from the nest.

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  1. Your son will fly from the nest when some girl draws him until's home sweet home!!! :)