Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kale Pictures

These are pictures of my garden I planted earlier this year - kale, redleaf lettuce, yellow squash. October is coming up and I am excited about planting another garden. It was a hot, hot summer this year in Florida, so i didnot try to grow anything. The heat and bugs ruined my garden last summer. I love Kale - Kale goes with everything...Imostly juice it, but I also add to soups and stews.


  1. Hello to my goodest friend...and I am so happy you are blogging now! So far so good...look at all these lettuces and kales! I don't think I ever got to see them growing...I was always too darn busy.....(bad friend)!
    xoxo- Julie

  2. I have never tasted Kale, but these look lovely and fresh

  3. Hello Karen,
    Julie sent me over to your blog. Your kale looks yummy. Also want to reach through the screen and pet your cute kittys. Congratulations on your blog.